Theme: Marriage Between Medicine and Ophthalmology

This features eminent speakers who will entwine updates on systemic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, sickle cell, metabolic, rheumatological and the ophthalmic correlates. In addition to this, we will be having "TED" talks from our visiting guest faculty from Toronto. These "TED" talks will be given by subspecialists and cover pearls in the following Ophthalmic sub specialties; Oculoplastics, Cornea, Glaucoma, Paediatrics, Medical Retina. We will also continue the DRS workshop for training the Diabetic Retinopathy Screeners, which will run simultaneously with the OSJ conference.

This year, the Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica (OSJ) will be honouring Dr Hugh Vaughan with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Ophthalmology in Jamaica and the Caribbean at our President's Dinner on Friday, March 9th 2018.

In addition, as we have in past years, we will have a simultaneous workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (DRS) in collaboration with the Vision 2020 Links programme.


Day 1 - March 9th, 2018
Legacy Suite (Ground Floor), Jamaica Pegasus
Medical Research and Presentations

Chair. Dr Lizette Mowatt

Time Topic Speaker
9.00-9.30am Registration and Coffee Break
9.30-9.35am Welcome Dr. Lizette Mowatt
9.35-10.15am How to prepare a case presentation - case based discussions and practical tip on how to present power-point slides Dr. Dawn Sim
10.15-11.00am How to start and complete a research project. (interactive session) Dr. Dawn Sim
11.00-12.00pm How to write a paper: publish or perish Dr. Dawn Sim
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
Ophthalmic Potpourri - Subspecialties

Chair. Dr Gavin Henry

Time Topic Speaker
1.00-1.10pm Welcome to Toronto Faculty
1.10-1.30pm OCULOPLASTICS Workshop:
Dr. Harmeet Gill
1.30-1.50pm RETINA Workshop
Diabetic Retinopathy
Dr Rajeevi Muni/ Dr Radha Kohly
1.50-2.10pm Retina Imaging Dr Dawn Sim
2.10-2.30pm PAEDIATRICS:
Amblyopia Studies
Dr. Asim Ali
2.30-2.45pm CORNEA
Update on HSV
Dr Matt Bujak
Optic Neuritis Updates/ Giant Cell Arteritis/ Glaucoma mimickers
Dr Edward Margolin
3.15-3.30pm Coffee Break and Discussion
6.00pm HORS D'OEUVRES & COCKTAILS (Talk of the Town, Pegasus)
OSJ PRESIDENT'S DINNER: Honoree Dr Hugh Vaughan CD
Sponsored by Poen Laboratories.
Day 2 - March10th, 2018
Grand Ballroom, Jamaica Pegasus
Opening Ceremony

CHAIR: Dr Gordon Robotham

Time Topic Speaker
8.00-8.30am Registration and coffee break
(Visit the Exhibit Hall)
8.30-8.32am Opening remarks
8.32-8.40am Welcome address Dr Lizette Mowatt,
OSJ President
8:40- 8:48am Greetings from the VISION 2020 Links Dr Zubin Sahain
8:48-8.58am Greetings from University of Toronto Prof Sherif El Defrawy,
Professor and Chair,
Ophthalmology Dept
8.58-9.05am Greetings from Orbis International
9.05am Vote of Thanks Dr Lisa Leo Rhynie,
OSJ Secretary
Marriage between Medicine and Ophthalmology:
Diabetes & Sickle Cell Disease (Diabetic & Sickle Retinopathy)

CHAIR: Dr Michelle Leighton

Time Topic Speaker
9.10-9.25am Updates on Management of Diabetes Prof Michael Boyne
9.25-9:45 am Diabetic Retinopathy in Jamaica Dr Lizette Mowatt
9.45-10.05am Sickle Cell Disease; the approach in Jamaica in 2018 Prof Jennifer Knight Madden
10.05-10:25am Sickle Retinopathy in Jamaica Dr Hugh Vaughan
10:25-10:30am Questions
10.30-11.00am Coffee Break
Marriage of Medicine and Ophthalmology - Rheumatology, Vascular Diseases and Neurology

CHAIR: Dr Celeste Chambers

Time Topic Speaker
11:00-11.15am The Eyes:
The window to the connective tissue disorders of the body
Dr Stacey Davis
11.15-11:30am OCT and Hydroxychloroquine Screening Dr Lisa Leo Rhynie
11:30-11.45am Updates on Cardiovascular disease in Jamaica Dr Marilyn Lawrence
11:45-12.00pm "Strokes in the eye" BRAO/ CRAO Dr Claudine Green
12.00-12.15am Dementia, Diagnosis and Treatment
12.15-12.30pm Seeing Red on OCT Dr Matt Schlenker
12.30-12.40pm Panel Discussion
12.40-1.40am Lunch
Dr Degazon Lecture

CHAIR: Dr Hugh Vaughan

Time Topic Speaker
1.40-1.45pm Chair -Introduction of the Degazon Lecture
1.45-2.00pm Anti Fragility Dr Radha Kohly
Ophthalmic Potpourri

CHAIR: Dr Angela Mattis/ Dr Lizette Mowatt

Time Topic Speaker
2.00-2.20pm OCULOPLASTICS:
  • The Teary eye patient
  • Orbital Cellulitis
Dr Harmeet Gill
2.20-2.40pm CORNEA:
  • Peripheral Corneal Ulcers
Dr Matt Bujak
2.50-3.00pm RETINA:
  • What to do when you drop a lens
  • Endophthalmitis
Dr Rajeevi Muni/ Dr Radha Kohly
3.00-3.30pm Coffee Break
Dr Donald Swaby
Time Topic Speaker
3.30-3.45pm GLAUCOMA:
  • Cataracts and Glaucoma
Dr Matt Schlenker
3:45pm Vote of Thanks
3:46-4.30pm Annual General Meeting


conference highlights


The Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica is pleased to collaborate with The Flying Eye Hospital ORBIS team to present a workshop on Infection Control.
This will be a 2-day course which is designed specifically for nurses and will be held simultaneously as the OSJ conference.

Please note although this workshop has been designed for nurses, it will be of great benefit to all allied health personnel working in the hospitals and private offices and theatres.

The programme will comprise of a 2-day workshop on infection control for all medical personnel and allied health professional (Day 1) and Infection Control for the Surgical Nurse (Day 2).

Guest Speaker:Elethia Dean, RN, BSN, MBA, PhD
Learning Objectives

Hospital acquired infections remain a major issue around the globe with 14 out of every 100 patients acquiring a healthcare associated infection during their treatment. The rates of infection being highest in low and middle-income countries. Orbis International Infection Control Workshop wishes to contribute to the reduction in this rate by developing robust, clear standards for infection control covering the following key areas:

  • Introduction to Nosocomial Infection
  • Education on Universal Precautions for Infection Control, Including:
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Hand hygiene
    • Sharps management
    • Environmental cleaning and decontamination
    • Surgical Attire
    • Risk management monitoring
    • Medical waste management
    • Gloving and Gowning
    • Orbis Safe Site Surgery Checklist
    • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify infection control standards
  2. List actions to prevent the contamination to the surgical wound and prevent infection
  3. Describe appropriate handling of surgical instruments, including cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
  4. Describe the use of the Orbis surgical safety checklist (adapted from the WHO safe site surgery checklist)


Norman Manley Suite, Jamaica Pegasus
Nursing Council of Jamaica has approved 5 CME for March 9th and 6 CME for March 10th 2018
DAY 1: FRIDAY - March 9th, 2018

Chair: Mrs. Claudett James

Time Topic Speaker
8.00-8.30am Registration
8.30-8.40am Welcome Mrs. Claudett James,
Senior Director Nursing
8.40-8.50am Greetings from the Microbiology Department Dr Karen Roye Green,
Consultant Microbiologist
8.50-9.00am Introduction of the Orbis Speaker Dr Angela Mattis
Infection Control for Medical Personnel

Chair: Dr Karen Roye Green- Consultant Microbiologist

Time Topic Speaker
9.00-9:45am Nosocomial Infection Dr Elethia Dean
9:45-10.00am Questions
10.00-10:15am Role of the Environment in infection Dr Glendee Reynolds-Campbell
10:15-10:30am Preventing Surgical Site infection Dr Karen Roye Green
10.30-10:40am Isolation Precautions-microbiologist perspective Dr Camille Ann Thoms-Rodriguez
10.40-11:30am Universal precautions: Personal protective equipment Dr Elethia Deans
11:30-12.00pm Panel Discussion and Questions Dr Angela Mattis
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
Infection Control for the Surgical Nurse

Chair: Miss Rhona Ferguson –OT Charge Nurse, Ophthalmology

Time Topic Speaker
8.00-8.30am Registration
8.30-9:10am Welcome Ceremony of the OSJ in the Grand Jamaica Suite
Move to the Norman Manley Suite
9.15-9.20am Greetings from Director of Nursing Mrs. Helena Thomson
9.15-9.20pm Welcome on behalf of the OSJ & Introduction of the Orbis Speaker Miss Rhona Ferguson
9:20-10.00am Cleaning, disinfection & sterilization process Dr Elethia Dean
10.00-10.30am Questions
10.30-11.00am Coffee Break
11.00-11:40am Gloving & gowning Dr Elethia Dean
11.40-11.50am Questions
11:50-12:30pm Surgical attire Dr Elethia Dean
12.30-12:40pm Questions
12.40-1.40pm Lunch
1:40pm-2.00pm Join OSJ Conference in the Grand Ball room
for the Dr Denis Degazon Lecture
"Anti fragility"
Dr Radha Kohly
2:05-2.10pm Chair: Miss Kadie Evans – Charge Nurse Main OT
2:10-2:45pm Orbis safe site surgery check list Dr Elethia Dean
3.20-3.40pm Questions
3:40pm Vote of Thanks Mrs. McLeod Smith Infection
Control Nurse